Germ-free surfaces at the flip of a switch

Eliminate over 99.99% of harmful microbes on surfaces and in the air with ProTekLife’s smart ultraviolet light panels.

ProTekLife's UV light panel system
ProTekLife's UV light panel system

Even small school buildings have tens of thousands of square feet of surfaces that viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other infectious organisms can live on.

Manual cleaning is time-consuming, labor-intense, and expensive.

Ultraviolet light is a proven germicide, breaking down pathogens with radiation that is lethal to microorganisms yet relatively safe for humans.

ProTekLife’s Cleanz™ UV system gently irradiates hallways, classrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums with the highly effective and proven wavelength of Ultraviolet Light – 254nm.

Our UV systems are at work every night while students and teachers are asleep at home.

They are programmable, remotely administered, and automatically shut off if someone enters an active space, resuming the disinfection cycle when they leave. 

So administrators can get a good night’s sleep, too. 

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